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LUMI Lightroom & Mobile Preset Pack


With LUMI as your base, you will consistently acheive smooth golden tones, crispy whites, and filmy blues. These presets are ideal for creative shoots, commercial, travel, fashion and lifestyle.

The LUMI Pack includes the main LUMI Preset + 17 pre-tweaks for every lighting condition.

The pre-tweaks give you the option to change your look in an instant.

With the 17 different pre-tweaks there are very few limitations. Choose from deliciously warm golden tones with crispy whites, or go deep and moody with dark crushed blacks and filmy blues.

Let’s save you time so you can start editing right away! 

The pack includes an in depth walkthrough video where I teach you how to fully utilize each preset.

you’re going to be obsessed! 

What's included?

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